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This happened. And by my almighty God’s grace and mercy, no one was hurt. Bruised, but not hurt. This reminds me that you never know what will happen tomorrow, if you’ll come home after work or after running errands. Don’t take your life for granted. This his allowed me to understand that I need to live my life the way God wants me to. To be everything he wants me to be so that I can be ready for when it’s my time to see him face to face. I cherish coming home to my family now more than ever.

Thank you Jesus, for being so amazing.


"One man’s trash…"

I found a treasure! After ravaging through ideas in my head, and Pinterest, I remembered I saw this old beauty stuffed in the corner of our garage.

It’s like the heavens opened up and a chorus of angels sang a beautiful melody…

Ok, overdramatic much?

Anyways, I remembered we had this piece of furniture that hold cases and immediately asked my mom if she could part with it. She said yes, so now, comes the fun part. Making it my own. I need to look through some pictures and see what exactly I want to do with it. But this WILL be a part of my new closet makeover. The question is, will it fit? Time for some measurements.

I’m thinking of sketching something down… I’ll give that a try tonight. Inspiration board maybe?


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